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Wow, been a long time


I forgot I even had a livejournal, how weird... so i thought i'de write today. There's been a few things going on lately... first Tony Stewart is having an all right season, he's about an average 15.4 place, and he's 7th in the points race, he's about 447 points behind the leader, Jimmie Johnson...

In other things, I have a job... I work at Wendy's... I kindof like it, but they keep putting me on grill, so its kind of, like, i hate it.

I've been seeing a guy, Chris, for about 6 months. I love him so much... But it's kind of scary becuase we found out about a month ago that he has stress induced heart failure and he would have 3 months to live so... that leaves us with about 2 months left. I dont even know what to do... He continuously has chest pains every night to the fact that he passes out. I dont even know what my life would be like without him, because i believe that there is one person that is right for you, and Chris is my one person...

I start Mott in about two weeks, and my sister is moving up the Upper Penninsula for School... and again i have no idea what im going to do when she leaves... we've never been apart for longer than a weekend... im just stressed about her leaving and chris... I just dont even know what to think...

My parents got a Harley Davidson Motorcycle and now they are going to get tattoos... My dad is going to get Thing 1 and Thing 2 from Dr. Suess and an arm band and my mom is getting a black widow with a ruby on her shoulder... Now my sister wants a tattoo on her side of a compass... to represent her taking a new direction in life... which is a great idea, i like that better than my parents.

Ok.... Im gonna go now... TTYL.

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