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Drivers license, Fantasy NASCAR, kindergarden (stay off the roads if you want to live)...

Well, There is jsut under a month until NASCAR starts up again! YAY!!!!! I can not wait. I have decided to join a NASCAR fantasy league. My drivers include Tony Stewart, Jimmie Johnson, CArl Edwards, Denny Hamlin, Kyle Busch, Mark Martin, Kasey Kahne, and Reed Sorenson. Hopefully I will do good with these picks. lol. In the testing Tony Stewart's car seemed to be very strong so... That should be good, considering he wasnt driving it! I've been hearing a lot about Reed Sorenson and Denny Hamlin and how they are going to be good competion this year. Which is also great seeing as Denny Hamlin is a part of Joe Gibbs RAcing and I had hoped to have all of JGR as part of my picks except for J.J. Yeley considering that he did not to good last season!
Besides that, I got my driver's license on Friday.So I can finally drive by myself. My dad took my car engine apart to fix the spark plugs and other things... he found a freakin' nest IN my engine! the poor animal that used to live in that. Today I spent my whole day in a kindergarten class. How the teacher can do that everyday, my gods! that is the most tiring thing. It is so fast paced and the kids are so hyped and they continually tattle on every kid. holy crap! but I did have a lot of fun! so that was worth it!


32 Days, 19 hours, 47 minutes, and 20 seconds until the DAYTONA 500!!!!!!
Tags: drivers license, fantasy nascar, kindergarten
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