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Road test, graduation, Snowmobiles, four wheelers and trouble....

Well I finally set up my roadtest for next friday, so, yea... just kidding. But yeah, i'll finally be able to get my drivers license. so I'm happy about that. Another thing, I have 30 pounds to lose in 6 months for graduation or more, becuase I lied on my graduation packet and said I was one wieght while I am another. so , yeah there is my graduation resolution (instead of new years' resolution. I hope I really lose it because I want to be able to fit into my gown. lol!!!! :( Anywyas. We went up to our three cabins and we got to go snowmobiling for the first time this winter season.I absolutly love the smell of snowmobile exhaust. My cousins Taylor, Kelsey (?), and Matthew came up north and they brought their four wheelers up north. We had a lot of fun on that. My friend Andrew, from up north had taylor on the back of the four wheeler and he got it spinning on the ice. it was so cool to see cause i was on the snowmobile bihind them and it was cool to see... taillight, headlight, taillight, headlight. it was neat. WE had a good New years. i spent the last few minutes of 2005 on my snowmobile. (dont say anything to my parents but I almost sunk it! I hit open water but I hit the gas and went flying acrossed it.) I have to go. I'll try to update later. bye


45 days, 20 hours, 5 minutes and 3 seconds until the Daytona 500!! I cant wait!! I have been so lost without NASCAR!!
Tags: fourwheelers, roadtest, snomobiles
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