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Hey how is everybody? I am doing fine. Our school sucks, why did I have to go home thursday? All that was wrong with me was I had Pink Eye. Whats so bad about that if I dont contaminate people. Anyway. Im so bored, and really frustrated. There is only one more race left of the season of NASCAR, what am I going to do for 3 months. lol. Anyways, just wanted to stop by and say hi. Here is the Championship results so far for this year:

Rank Driver Points Behind
1 Tony Stewart 6415 Leader
2 Jimmie Johnson 6363 -52
3 Carl Edwards 6328 -87
4 Greg Biffle 6313 -102
5 Mark Martin 6253 -162
6 Ryan Newman 6208 -207
7 Matt Kenseth 6187 -228
8 Rusty Wallace 6016 -399
9 Kurt Busch 5974 -441
10 Jeremy Mayfield 5939 -476

I Just have one thing to say about this: WAY TO GO SMOKE! KICK THEIR ASSES!

~Ka Girl
18 days till I turn 18
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