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Answer me this....

Does online dating really work. If you really think about it, it probably doesnt. My friend Jackie met this wonderful guy online and they talked for a couple of months and went out on dates and things like that, and she thought things were going really well, when he just left her. My other friend and I have joined a few online dating thingies and are trying it out, but most people are more worried about how you look than wh oyou really are. So whats the point? I met this really nice guy online and it ended up that he liked someone else. What a bummer. And what is up with all these chat rooms on Yahoo and different places, you go into them and it's either Arab guys (probably trying to figure out how to hurt the US nest) and people talking about sex. Thats so crappy when you want to meet people with the same interests as you, seeing as your friends dont really get some of your favorite things. I am rambling, so new subject. I have 22 days until I turn 18 I am so happy. I still need to order my sisters bday and x-mas presents. But I cant find what she wants and one thing is off of EBAY. HeHeHe. Anyways. I really ahve nothing to say, so i am leaving. Oh, my new assignment for the newspaper is an article about how to winterize your car and about Trapt coming to Machine Shop. So yeah. I have to go.

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