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Geez, this week has been so boring. But my family from up-north are coming down for the weekend ( I dont know if that is such a good idea, but...). They are all going to the snowmobile show. I want to go but my mom wont let me. Speaking of not letting me, she wont even let me go to my friends house, because ' we havent been home all week'. BULL. My friend Eric, I feel so bad for him, but I am going to have to start calling him doormat, because his girlfriend broke up with him and she made him promise to still walk her to class and everything, she is just using him. She like someone else, and she is using eric as a saftey net. I didnt liek her in the beginning but I was nice to her b/c of the fact that she was dating him, but now if I dont want to talk to her, I can be mean. (Its sad to say, but I really dont like her)! I have 28 days until I turn 18, weeeeeee I cant wait. On December 7 Trapt is coming to the Machine Shop so I cant wait to go to that! Just in time. Any ways I have to go. I will try and update later.

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