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I have realized that it has almost been exactly a year since I last posted... but a lot has been going on since then. First I moved out of my parents house, into my own apartment with Chris. I love this place and I believe that this was the best thing for me to do.

Secondly, my parents are getting a divorce but it was about damn time... I mean when your little you shouldnt be fighting with your sister about who is going with which parent, ya know? My mom ended up moving out and she lives like not even seven buildings away, im so thrilled I want to light her building on fire just so she'll have to find another place.

Thirdly, I became a manager at Wendy's which at this point im kindof regretting... one im only 19 years old. The general manager acts as if she regrets making me manager, but I didnt ask for the oppurtunity I thought I earned it, and now she tells me im not good enough on grill or a few other things, which i have to get better at to be able to run my own crew. Either way it was a raise so i could care less if i get to run a crew yet..

Well, I gotta go. Ill try to write later....

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